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Diamond Pepole

The pepole that made the diamond industry 

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Charles Tiffany

The man behind Tiffany & Co.


Tolkowsky Family

 The Tolkowsky name is legendary in the diamond business, and synonymous with expertise and precision.


Ernest Oppenheimer

A diamond and gold mining entrepreneur, financier and philanthropist.


Harry Winston

Harry Winston such a well-known name outside of the diamond industry that numerous books have been written about his legacy and the many famous stones and people he was associated with. He became known as the "jeweler to the stars" with his focus on the Hollywood A-list.

Diamond Ring

Joseph Goldfinger

Joseph Goldfinger, known as "Mr. Diamond," and many credit him with putting the Israeli diamond industry on the map.  


The Asschers

The Asscher family is one of a handful of diamond dynasties that have made an indelible mark on the diamond industry. The company bearing their name has been working in diamonds for over 150 years and is still run by the descendants of its founder. 


Monty Charles

Ernest "Monty" Charles was one of the principal architects of the modern diamond industry and the Sight system created by De Beers. He commanded the power within De Beers to decide which diamond parcels went to which clients, as well as who was on or off the Sightholder list. With De Beers controlling over 80% of the market at the time, and with Monty Charles in charge of both the buying and selling operations of De Beers, he was almost a monopoly in and of himself. 


Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy

This 15th century royal couple had a significant impact on the diamond industry, playing a pivotal, arguably even a crucial role in the development of diamonds in modern culture.

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